Seattle-A City Filled with a Flavor of Coffee 2015-12-02
 --October 2008: Issue 27 of City Reading II  Recently, economic crisis arising from American subprime loans has cut down American coffee consumption. To lower the day-to-day living expense, many Americans has changed their habit to make coffee at home instead of sitting in the café., which has
Chicago City by Chicago Riverside 2015-11-09
 --January 2008: Issue 26 of  City Reading Ⅰ  When I was in Hong Kong, I had a good friend named Ernest Lee, a  senior architect  graduated from Dept. Of Architecture, Hong Kong University, who is a hypercritical person that seldom expresses satisfaction except only one time. Befo
Philadelphia-The Epitome of the United States 2015-09-15
--October 2008: Issue 27 of City Reading II  Helen Keller put forward her well-known proposition ‘”Three Days to See”. Since then, people have persisted in making an assumption. We may ask a question, “Where will you choose to tour if you are only allowed to visit a city in Europe?” I will ch
Las Vegas, Takes the Lead in Experience Economy 2015-06-10
--October 2008: Issue 27 of City Reading II  If a person longs to visit Florence every year, you may guess that he has an ancient complex.  If a person longs to visit New York every year, you may guess that he yearns for extravagant lifestyle.  If a person longs to visit Las Vegas every year,
Madrid, It Is Really Incredible! 2015-03-10
--January 2008: Issue 26 of City Reading Ⅰ  It is recommended studying into cities in Shandong Province following up three clues.  If studying ancient cities in Shandong Province, you must follow up cultural and historical clue for most of cities in Shandong Province were the capital of ancient
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